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Panoramas from Around the World

Summit panoramas and other scenic locations


PanoPortal is a personal collection of panorama photos. Many of the panoramas are from mountain summits and provide spectacular 360° views. Most of the panoramas have labeling pointing out other summits. Some of the labeling is interactive creating "panoports", which allow for direct linking to other summits or view points from which another panorama exists. This allows for "jumping" from one summit to another and is a great way to explore an area for many different vantage points.

While I travel mostly in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, you will find panoramas from such places as Tibet, Antarctica, Bolivia, South Africa, and others.

The greater Lake Tahoe area has the highest concentration of panoramas.

-Greg Spencer

Interactive Labeling

interactive labeling
"PanoPorts" link to another panoramas

Many of the panoramas have labeling that points out surrounding mountains and other features. Labeling that is highlighted with light gray provides distance and direction information to that location from the current panorama location. Simply point to the label to bring up the information.

Clicking on the label will take you to the view from that location. This allows one to jump from summit to summit and is a great way to explore an area from many locations.

The labeling highlighting, along with the labels themselves, can be turned off for an uncluttered view.

In addition to interactive labeling, many of the panoramas have links to addition information such as summitpost.org, peakbagger.com, and peakfinder.org.


All of the panoramas are geotagged so they can be searched by location and displayed on a map. External links to other mapping services are also provided for each panorama. A single panorama can be located on the map along with all of the other panorama locations that can been seen from that view point. If the particular panorama being mapped is not a 360° view, a highlighting arc can be displayed showing the scope of the view.

Panoramas of California
Panorama locations in California
Location of Sierra View panorama
The "view arc" from the Sierra View lookout

Google Earth

Panoportal in Google Earth
Panoportal on Google Earth

All of the images on PanoPortal.com are searchable with Google Earth via a placemark file. Each PanoPortal placemark will display the location and approximate view of each panorama within Google Earth. Just double click the placemark to fly to the view.

There are two Google Earth Placemark Files (KML files) to choose from.

Download the Network Link Placemark File
The Network Link Placemark File will always load the most up-to-date placemarks from PanoPortal.com.

Download the Static Placemark File
The Static Placemark File will be current as of today, but will load slightly faster on your computer. You can always download the latest version of the Static Placemark Files to keep current with PanoPortal.

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